Wednesday news roundup

Speed limits are going down, while socialism is apparently on the rise. It must be Wednesday.

The Stranger, The Urbanist, Seattle Bike Blog, and West Seattle Blog report on yesterday’s announcement on steps the city will take to address a spike in traffic fatalities this year.

The Seattle Times and Erica Barnett discuss the deliberations over a plan to establish a regional governance structure for the homelessness response.

The Stranger continues its series looking at rent control.

The Seattle Times, Q13 and MyNorthwest cover yesterday’s King County Council discussion of safety issues outside the King County Courthouse.

The Urbanist reports on Council member Sawant’s proposed bill prohibiting evictions for the colder part of the year.

Q13 reports that PIerce County has joined the legal challenge of Initiative 976 — on the defense’s side.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at Council member Gonzalez’s proposed “Clean Campaigns” ordinance.

The Seattle Times  suggests that Seattle likes voting for socialism more than it likes actual socialist policies.