This week in Council Chambers

The Council finishes up its work for the year, before a two-week holiday recess.

(update below)

There are no special presentations or executive sessions scheduled for the Monday morning Council Briefing.

Monday afternoon at the last full City Council meeting of the year, the Council members have a very long agenda with 53 items, including 42 appointments to a variety of commissions and boards.  Also on the agenda are final votes on:

  • The fourth-quarter supplemental budget ordinance and employment ordinance;
  • An ordinance approving an interlocal agreement with King County to establish a regional authority for homelessness response;
  • A resolution adopting the city’s 2020 state legislative agenda;
  • A resolution stating the Council’s intent to consider legislation in 2020 that woudl require employers to provide their employees with transit subsidies;
  • An ordinance that would give a raise to the city’s Chief Technology Officer.

Wednesday morning, the Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee meets, for newly-installed Council member Pedersen’s one and only committee meeting this year. The agenda has not been published but expect it to include a contract rezone in Northgate.

Thursday morning, the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans and Education Committee will meet to take up Council member Gonzalez’s “Clean Campaigns” bill. At last week’s meeting Gonzalez said that this week’s meeting would be about “issue identification” to guide potential amendments that would be considered at the next committee meeting in January. But I’m hearing that Gonzalez has accelerated the schedule, and now this week’s meeting may take up amendments and potentially vote the bill out of committee. That would allow the Council to take its final vote on the bill the first week of January. UPDATED 12/16: A spokesperson for the Council clarified this morning that the schedule is still as announced last week: Thursday will be discussion and issue ID only.