This week in Council Chambers

Another week of conference call meetings and no committees.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing will include a presentation from SDOT on the emergency closure of the West Seattle Bridge.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meetings is scheduled to have final votes on:

  • an ordinance creating a new city fund to receive donations and grants related to the city’s COVID-19 response;
  • an ordinance reallocating Sweetened Beverage Tax revenues from various programs to providing food vouchers for low-income residents impacted by the COVID-19 response;
  • a resolution in support of the bid by the City of Seattle to host the National League of Cities 2025 City Summit conference;
  • a resolution asking state and local governments to suspend rent and mortgage payments;
  • a resolution adding the West Seattle Bridge emergency repair to the Council’s capital projects watch list.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new pieces of legislation:

  • an ordinance temporarily imposing commercial rent control and requiring commercial landlords to offer payment plans for small businesses and nonprofits impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • a resolution establishing a committee to develop recommendations to enhance the capacity of the City Auditor to conduct performance audits.

Committee meetings are cancelled again this week.