Tuesday news roundup

The Council asks the governor and President to suspend rent and mortgage payments, and more.

The Seattle Times, Slate, MyNorthwest, Erica Barnett, Q13, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog report on yesterday’s Council passage of a resolution asking the state and federal governments to suspend rent and mortgage payments.

The Seattle Times, The Stranger, MyNorthwest, and West Seattle Blog continue coverage of the closure of the West Seattle Bridge.

The Stranger, Crosscut, South Seattle Emerald, and West Seattle Blog cover the ongoing coronavirus response.

The Associated Press reports that the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal of a court challenge to Seattle’s “democracy vouchers” program.

GeekWire reports on a new tool released by the city that maps restaurants offering delivery or take-out.



  1. Thank you Kevin for this recap. Very helpful.

    I wonder if you could turn your considerable talents to compiling a list of grocery stores offering:
    — senior hours where we can go in and shop away from the hoards of other younger folks
    — online ordering with either drive by pickup or home delivery.

    My local grocery store that I’ve shopped at for years is working on people being able to order online and then drive by to pickup. They do now also have “senior hours” where we can go in and shop but friends are reporting some younger shoppers are not honoring that.

    1. I would encourage you to check out your neighborhood blog for that information. Local knowledge is incredibly important and tends to be far more accurate for that sort of thing than a city-wide roundup.

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