Schedule announced for “Amazon Tax” hearings

This morning, Council Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda announced the schedule for deliberations on the payroll tax bill introduced by Council members Sawant and Morales.

Next Wednesday, April 22, the Select Budget Committee will meet at 10am. It will hear a preliminary economic and budget forecast from the City Budget Office, and then the Council’s staff will present an overview of the three bills in the tax package: the tax itself, the spending plan, and the authorization for inter-fund loans to move spending up in advance of tax collection.

The following Wednesday, April 29, the Budget Committee will meet again, finish up the overviews of the legislation if necessary, and staff will answer Council members’ questions.

On May 13, the committee meets for a third time, will consider any amendments, and may vote the legislation out of committee.

Assuming the bills are voted out of committee, they will need to go to the full Council the following Monday afternoon for final approval.

The Budget Committee meetings will all be held remotely. Council staff have been working on a plan for allowing public comment during their online Council meetings, but the rollout plan or timeline has not been announced.

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