This week in Council Chambers

The Council takes another shot at passing changes to the design review process, and continues its deliberations on the proposed payroll tax.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing is scheduled to include two presentations:

  • the Office of Economic Development discussing small business support and workforce development;
  • the City Budget Office discussing the use of federal and state grants for COVID-19 emergency response (the Mayor transmitted legislation on Friday proposing how recently-received funds should be spent).

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting includes final votes on:

  • the reconsideration of a bill temporarily suspending the Design Review Board and the Landmarks Preservation Board. Council members Morales and Lewis have submitted new amendments; Morales’s, which further adjusts the rules for the International Special Review District, likely means that she will flip her vote to “yes.”
  • a pair of resolutions related to renewing the University District Business Improvement Area;
  • several appointments.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar contains several pieces of new legislation:

  • three ordinances related to construction of Fire Station 31: one authorizing a property acquisition, one authorizing a lease for an interim location, and one handling the financial arrangements.
  • an ordinance creating a moratorium on residential evictions for six months after the COVID-19 emergency ends;
  • three bills related to renewing the U district BIA; the two resolutions mentioned above, and an accompanying ordinance.

Wednesday morning, the Select Budget Committee meets again to continue deliberations on the payroll tax proposed by Council members Sawant and Morales. This week the Council members will discuss the tax bill and the accompanying interfund loan authorization.