State Supreme court takes I-976 appeal, stays lower court ruling, expedites schedule

Today the Washington State Supreme Court agreed to hear a direct appeal of the legal challenge to Initiative 976, the $30 car-tabs bill, and place it on an expedited schedule.



The court decided to hear the appeal directly rather than send it to the state Court of Appeals first, expediting a final decision on the case. In addition, the court decided to add the case to its current Spring Term calendar on an expedited schedule, with the first briefs due on May 15th and final briefs filed by June 19th.  Oral arguments are not scheduled yet, but could come as soon as a few weeks after the final briefs are filed — potentially end of June or early July. And there might be a final ruling before the end of the summer.

The Supreme Court also stayed the lower court order vacating the preliminary injunction, so implementation of I-976 remains on hold until the court rules.

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  1. Good to hear.

    Good news we who depend on public transit all needed.

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