City elected officials submit their annual financial disclosure forms

Each year, the eleven elected city officials in Seattle are required by law to submit a financial disclosure form by April 15, so that we can better understand financial investments, pressures, and potential conflicts of interest they may have.

Here are this year’s forms.


Lorena Gonzalez

Lisa Herbold

Debora Juarez

Andrew Lewis

Tammy Morales (with attachment)

Teresa Mosqueda

Alex Pedersen

Kshama Sawant (with attachment)

Dan Strauss


Jenny Durkan

Pete Holmes


Some notes:

  • As a result of last year’s elections, the new City Council is much less rich than the previous one — though there are still a couple of millionaires in the bunch. Here is a list of their individual new worth:
    MoralesĀ  $2.7 million
    Juarez: $2.0 million
    Pedersen: $892,000
    Herbold $620,000
    Sawant: $470,000
    Gonzalez: $171,000
    Strauss: $110,000
    Lewis: $15,000And for the sake of completeness:
    Durkan: $5.6 million
    Holmes: $2.0 million
  • Morales discloses her work for Rainier Beach Action Coalition as a paid consultant, where she made between $25,000 and $99,000. Her husband is a physician with Swedish Medical Group in Seattle.
  • Herbold’s husband works as a software architect for a tech company in Silicon Valley.
  • Juarez’s husband is a glass artist and educator.
  • Mosqueda’s husband is a reporter and photographer for the Associated Press.
  • Gonalez’s husband is a manager at Il Corvo restaurant and a restaurant worker at General Harvest.
  • Pedersen’s wife runs a one-person brand consulting business, with clients including Princess Cruises, Expedia, and Automattic.
  • Sawant’s husband held two jobs last year: political director for Sawant’s election campaign, for which he was paid between $25,000 and $99,000; and political organizer for Socialist Alternative, for which he earned less than $5000. He is also listed as an unpaid officer of the 15 Now organization. Socialist Alternative paid about $1,800 to fly Sawant to London for a “socialist conference,” and to fly both her and her husband to Minneapolis for the Socialist Alternative National Committee meeting. According to her web page, Sawant’s two largest contributions from her “solidarity fund” last year were to Socialist Alternative and 15 Now.
  • Because of her previous employment as a U.S. Attorney, some of the details of Durkan’s personal affairs are redacted to protect the safety of her family. However, she does disclose that she received travel reimbursement for two trips last year: $6,800 from C40 Cities to attend the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, and $1,800 from Bloomberg Philanthropies to attend CityLab.
  • Holmes’ wife is the Chief Operations Officer for the Washington State Bar Association. Holmes received $973 in paid travel from Everytown for Gun Safety related to its regional firearm surrender initiative.

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