Wednesday news roundup

Council member Mosqueda unveils a competing Amazon Tax. Plus we’re still talking about the CHOP.


The Seattle Times, KING, KIRO, Crosscut, The Stranger, GeekWire, MyNorthwest, and The Urbanist report on Council member Mosqueda’s new proposal for a payroll tax.

Here’s the coverage on the CHOP (formerly the CHAZ):

Reuters, KOMO and Eater report on the Council’s adoption of a “premium pay” requirement for food and grocery delivery gig workers.

Patch and MyNorthwest discuss two new bills that would repeal the city’s loitering laws.

The South Seattle Emerald (here and here), Crosscut, Newsweek, and The Urbanist discuss the ongoing critiques of SPD.

KING has a new approval poll on Mayor Durkan and SPD Chief Best.

KUOW, Vice, Post Alley, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and Seattle Bike Blog look at the ongoing protests, and the response from the city.

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