Council extends special budget session through end of July

The Council’s special budget session to re-balance the city’s 2020 budget was originally supposed to finish up on July 8, with final approval of the budget on July 20. But with the delay in the Mayor delivering her proposed re-balanced budget, the schedule has been pushed out two weeks.


Budget chair Teresa Mosqueda has circulated to her colleagues an updated calendar for budget deliberations. She still intends to continue revenue discussions on Wednesday mornings and try to vote out of committee her “Jump Start” payroll tax package by July 8, but the schedule for consideration of the Mayor’s re-balancing package will continue on Wednesday afternoons through July 29 (as well as some Wednesday mornings as well after the 8th).

The final re-balanced budget is now scheduled for approval by the full Council on Monday, August 3, while the payroll tax will get a final vote on either July 6 or July 13.

There is one dedicated public hearing on the budget scheduled for 4pm on July 8, though Mosqueda has made it her practice to include public comment at every Budget Committee meeting.

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