Tuesday news roundup

The CHOP, the protests, the SPD budget, and more.


The Stranger, the Seattle Times, Seattle PI, Newsweek, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and Fox News discuss what’s happening at the CHOP.

KUOW, the Seattle Times, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and the South Seattle Emerald report on the ongoing protests in the city.

The Urbanist looks at efforts to rewrite the police department budget — here and elsewhere.

Crosscut profiles local activist and former Mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver.

Erica Barnett looks at what the city is doing — and not doing — with the hotel rooms it has rented as part of its COVID-19 reponse.

West Seattle Blog and the Seattle Times report that stabilization work on the West Seattle Bridge begins this week.

The Urbanist makes the case for a tenth City Council member.

Forbes has an op/ed arguing that the city’s “premium pay” ordinance is misguided.

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