Wednesday news roundup: the demise of CHOP

As you may have heard by now, SPD moved in this morning to clear the CHOP and reinhabit the East Precinct facility.

Also, the feud between Mayor Durkan and Council member Sawant turned into open warfare yesterday.

The Seattle Times, Seattle PI, New York Times, KING, KOMO, Q13, Capitol Hill Seatltle Blog, and The Stranger (here and here) cover SPD’s clearing of the CHOP this morning.

Here’s all the coverage of yesterday’s letter from Mayor Durkan to the City Council asking them to investigate Council member Sawant:

The Seattle Times, Seattle PI, GeekWire and Law360 cover Instacart’s lawsuit against the city over the recently-passed “premium pay” ordinance.

Crosscut asks: what makes a business tax progressive?

The Urbanist looks at what may be proposed fror the renewal of the Seattle Transportation Benefit District.

Q13 discusses SPD’s budget and the pressure to cut it.

Crosscut looks at the impact of SPD’s efforts to recruit military veterans.

The Seattle Times reports on the Washington Supreme Court’s hearing on I-976 yesterday.

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  1. Durkan standing up to Sawant this way will be an interesting story for the next few weeks. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

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