Tuesday news roundup

Today we’re talking about the payroll tax, and the police.  Happy Tuesday.


The Seattle Times, The Stranger (here and here), the AP, Patch, GeekWire, Puget Sound Business Journal, MyNorthwest, and Law360 cover the Council’s approval yesterday of a spending plan for its recently-passed payroll tax.

KING, Patch, and MyNorthwest report on growing concerns over the Trump administration’s deployment of federal law enforcement officers in Portland, their abusive tactics, and the fear that they will be deployed to other cities as well.

KOMO discusses the city’s legal filing last Friday telling the court that the DOJ believes the city has violated the SPD consent decree when the City Council unilaterally changed the police’s crowd-control and use-of-ofrce policies.

Q13 and MyNorthwest look at the debate of defunding SPD.

Post Alley pitches an idea for how the city can save small retail businesses.