This week in Council Chambers

The City Council returns from its two-week recess on Tuesday, with committee meetings later in the week.

Monday is Labor Day, a holiday for city employees. The Council’s regular Monday meetings are moved to Tuesday, and the regularly-scheduled Tuesday committee meetings are moved to Friday.

Tuesday morning’s weekly Council Briefing is not scheduled to have any special presentations or executive sessions.

Tuesday afternoon’s full City Council meetings is scheduled to include final votes on:

  • a long list of appointments, including the re-appointment of Dwane Chappelle as Director of the Department of Education and Early Learning;
  • a land-use omnibus bill;
  • a request from the Seattle IT department to delay for six months the filing of a Surveillance Impact Report that was due on September 1;
  • approval of a permit for UW to operate five skybridges over city streets;
  • an update to street use permit fees;
  • two bills (here and here) authorizing and updating regulations related to the launch of a scooter share program;
  • an ordinance establishing a funding model for the response to the closure of the West Seattle Bridge.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new legislation:

  • an ordinance allowing the Seattle Parks District to delay its six-year planning process and conduct single-year planning for the duration of the COVID emergency;
  • two lot subdivisions;
  • the Mayor’s proposed ordinance establishing a minimum wage for TNC drivers;
  • an extension of the Council’s modification to land use review procedures during the COVID emergency.

Wednesday morning, the Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • a briefing and public hearing on this year’s proposed changes to the city’s Comprehensive Plan;
  • the annual docket-setting resolution for next year’s possible changes to the Comprehensive Plan;
  • a rezone ordinance for land in Rainier Beach;
  • the previously-mentioned extension to modifications to the land use review procedures;
  • a public hearing on recently-adopted interim floodplain regulations.

Friday morning, the Public Safety and Human Services Committee meets, and Friday afternoon the Governance and Education Committee meets. The agendas for these two meetings have not yet been published.


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