Friday news roundup

The Supreme Court tells Tim Eyman to take a seat, SPD officers are leaving before they can get laid off, and more.


The Seattle Times, KING, KOMO, KUOW, Puget Sound Business Journal, Crosscut, Q13, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and MyNorthwest cover some new data released by SPD this morning showing that over 100 officers have left the department this year — even before the city lays any of them off.

The Seattle Times, Crosscut, KIRO, The Stranger, Law360, Mass Transit, MyNorthwest, The Urbanist, and Seattle Bike Blog report on the state Supreme Court ruling striking down Initiative 976, Tim Eyman’s most recent “$30 car tab” bill.

The Urbanist and the Seattle Medium look at what’s going on with the Mayor’s Equitable Communities Initiative task force.


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  1. Kevin:There is a significant difference between being laid-off and being fired and you are well-aware of that. The other publications you cited used the phrase “laid-off” which is the truth. Instead, you have published a lie. Once again, you have proven yourself to be reporting only your personal opinions and not the actual facts…. busted again as an SPD defunder. We will all remember that when the crime rate goes up. Steve Willie.

    1. What are you talking about? I use the phrase “lay off,” not “fired,” in my news roundup today.

      And I have never expressed the opinion that the size of SPD should be slashed. I’ve said repeatedly that there is broad consensus that we ask too much of police officers and there are reasonable proposals to be made about having people other than armed police officers respond to some types of 911 calls — and if the result of that is less need for police officers, we should right-size accordingly. But I am no fan of setting an arbitrary size for the police department and cutting it until that target size is reached. I’m also not in favor of making cuts to SPD in advance of spinning up those alternative organizations that we want to offload some 911 response to.

  2. Quote: “The Supreme Court tells Tim Eyman to take a seat, SPD officers are leaving before they can get fired, and more.”

    Do I really need to shove it down your throat?

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