Tuesday news roundup

A little bit of everything this morning in the news. Let’s get to it.

The Seattle Times reports on the City Council’s proposed changes to the Mayor’s 2021 budget.

Governing and Officer discuss whether SPD has too few police officers.

KOMO and the Seattle PI look at a new survey of Seattle voters’ views on police reform.

The Seattle Times and KOMO report on the increase of visible homelessness in Seattle and the reaction that it is bringing from neighborhoods.

Crosscut reports that the city is creating a new PDA for arts and cultural spaces.

Seattle Bike Blog reflects on the passage of the Transportation Benefit District renewal last week.

The Urbanist discusses two new reports on the Ballard-Interbay industrial corridor.

West Seattle Blog brings us the latest on the West Seattle Bridge.

Crosscut argues that Seattle isn’t the only “bubble” in the state.



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