City settles Che Taylor wrongful death suit with $1.5 million payment

This afternoon, the City of Seattle submitted to the court a proposed settlement and dismissal of the wrongful-death lawsuit filed against the city by the estate and family of Che Taylor.

According to the court filing, the city will pay $1.5 million, to be split among Taylor’s surviving family members.

Che Taylor was shot dead by two Seattle police officers on February 21, 2016. The case, originally filed in February 2018, has gone through a long, circuitous route and was nearing a trial. Along the way, several of the plaintiffs, two of the defendants, and many of the individual charges had been dismissed by the judge. Before today’s settlement, the defendants were in the process of appealing the trial court’s ruling that the two officers named in the lawsuit did not have qualified immunity -and attempting to get the trial pushed out until after the appeals court rules.


Click to access proposed-stipulated-dismissal-12-7-20.pdf


UPDATE:  here is the settlement agreement.


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