Thursday news roundup

Plenty of news to read this morning — let’s jump in.

The Seattle Times, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and MyNorthwest report that a Seattle firefighter has been charged for cyberstalking and sending threatening emails to Councilmember Sawant.

The Stranger looks at the ocean of hate mail that Councilmembers have received in the past year.

MyNorthwest, CBS News, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog continue coverage of QFC’s decision to close two Seattle stores in part due to the new hazard-pay ordinance.

The Seattle Times reports that the city has settled a lawsuit over a homeless encampment removal at Cal Anderson Park.

Crosscut looks at the future prospects of “hotelling” the homeless in Seattle.

The Seattle Times and KOMO report that SPD has released bodycam footage from SPD’s shooting of a man armed with a knife Tuesday night along the waterfront.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog covers the city’s “Clean City” initiative, and the 1 million pounds of garbage that SPU claims to have picked up in January.

The South Seattle Emerald discusses the complicated accountability issues after SPD shot and killed a man who had killed two women shortly before at the Urban League Village building earlier this week.

PubliCola dives into the work of the Office of Police Accountability.

The Stranger looks at what happens when Seattle shakes — and especially what happens to the buildings with unreinforced masonry.

West Seattle Blog brings us election news.

The Urbanist looks at how Seattle could become a city of 2 million people.


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