Thursday news roundup

Another super-busy Thursday in Seattle news.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re no longer an anarchist jurisdiction.


The Seattle PI and West Seattle Blog look at the pending bill that would loosen restrictions on microbusinesses operating out of homes.

The Seattle Times and MyNorthwest reports on a King County judge’s ruling yesterday upholding three Seattle tenant-protection ordinances.

The Seattle Times and The Urbanist report that Regina Cannon has turned down the job at the CEO of the regional homeless authority, another setback for the new organization.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at the huge campaign war chests that both sides have built as they wait for the state Supreme Court to rule on the recall petition against Councilmember Sawant.

PubliCola covers the pending bill that would cut $5.4 million from SPD’s budget.

The Seattle Times, KING, The Stranger, and the South Seattle Emerald bring us election news.

GeekWire reports that Seattle City Light will be setting up a vacant lot as an electric vehicle charging site.

Crosscut has an op-ed on the grocery store hazard pay ordinance.

The Seattle Times has an op-ed from the Seattle court-appointed police monitor looking at the future of policing in Seattle.





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  1. The homelessness authority story is extraordinary. Almost five years since the sad “state of emergency” to deal with homelessness, our elected officials have spent a year trying to fill a CEO position for a homelessness authority. In the last three years we have seen at least 200 homeless deaths per year in Seattle, so one could argue that these politicians have potentially “spent” 200 lives to achieve precious nothing. There is virtually no chance that anyone would be held politically accountable for this incredible failure. Did anyone contact Cannon prior to making the offer?
    Second, the Sawant recall campaign, and the out of state funding that is fueling it shows and incredible issue in our campaign finance regulations. People from across the country can seemingly play political football with our city. No one, other than the voters (individuals) from the district 3 should be allowed to contribute to these campaign.

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