This week in Council Chambers

With the Memorial Day holiday, the schedule is a bit scrambled: Monday meetings are moved to Tuesday, and Tuesday meetings are on Friday.

Here’s what’s up this week.

There are no presentations or executive session scheduled for Tuesday morning’s weekly Council Briefing, but expect it to go long because they need to review several bills and appointments that skipped committee and went straight to the full Council.

Tuesday afternoon’s full City Council meeting is scheduled to include final votes on:

  • another six-month extension to the moratorium on redeveloping mobile-home parks;
  • an ordinance temporarily removing late fee charges from delinquent utility accounts;
  • an ordinance directing $1 million to the Office for Civil Rights to begin the participatory budgeting process by hiring a contractor to run it;
  • the long-stalled ordinance cutting $2 million (originally $5.4 million) from SPD’s budget;
  • an ordinance transferring the Greenwood Senior Center to the Phinney Neighborhood Association;
  • three bills updating city construction codes;
  • several appointments to boards and committees.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new bills:

  • An ordinance requiring restaurant food-delivery companies such as OpenTable and PostMates to have a written agreement with a restaurant before listing that restaurant on their site;
  • a long list of appointments to boards and committees;
  • two bills (here and here) appropriating $128 million of federal ARPA relief funding according to the “Seattle Rescue Plan” announced last week.

Wednesday morning, the Transportation and Utilities Committee meets; it will have a presentation and discussion on the city’s “Vision Zero” transportation safety initiative (read the slides; SDOT isn’t sugarcoating it this time).

Thursday afternoon, the Community Economic Development Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • the previously-mentioned bill requiring food-delivery companies to have written agreements with restaurants;
  • appointments to the Music Commission, the LGBTQ Commission, and the Disability Commission.

Friday morning, the Finance and Housing Committee meets. It is expected to have its first hearing on the two bills appropriating ARPA funds ( a vote is not expected until later in the month).

Friday afternoon, the Public Assets and Native Communities Committee meets. On the agenda:

  • an ordinance adopting new signage regulations for the Seattle Center;
  • a land-swap between the Parks Department at SDOT and Woodland Park to allow for a protected bicycle lane;
  • two bills related to the Waterfront LID: one finalizing assessments; and the other authorizing bond issuance.

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