This week in Council Chambers: June 7-12, 2021

A trio of tenant-rights bills come up for approval Monday afternoon. Plus the Council starts to put together the Districting Commission.

Monday morning’s weekly Council Briefing has no special presentations or executive sessions scheduled.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting is scheduled to include final votes on:

  • a six-month extension of the moratorium on redevelopment on mobile-home parks;
  • a resolution urging Mayor Durkan and Governor Inslee to extend their eviction moratoria;
  • an ordinance prohibiting evictions of families with school-age children and employees of schools and childcare facilities during the school year;
  • an ordinance prohibiting evictions for failure to pay rent if the rent was due during the COVID civil emergency and the tenant could not pay due to financial hardship;
  • an ordinance giving tenants the right of first refusal when a fixed-term lease ends.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar contains seven appointments: five to the CID PDA; and two to the Districting Commission.

Tuesday morning, the Public Safety and Human Services Committee meets. On its agenda:

Tuesday afternoon, the Governance and Education Committee meets. The agenda includes:

  • two appointments to the Districting Commission;
  • one appointment to the FEPP Levy Oversight Committee;
  • a presentation by the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission on “steps toward an equitable recovery”;
  • an update on the FEPP Levy K-12 and preschool programs.

Friday afternoon, the Public Assets and Native Communities Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been published.

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