Thursday news roundup

Break out the raincoats; we’re about to get a ton of rain.

Here’s the news.

The Seattle Times, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and West Seattle Blog note yesterday’s announcement that Seattle is the first major city in the U.S. to reach the magical 70% vaccination rate.

The Urbanist reports that Tacoma is issuing housing permits three times faster than Seattle.

Governing spotlights Mayor Durkan in an article arguing that being mayor is the worst job in politics.

The Seattle Times reports that the City Council is considering whether the decriminalize psychedelic drugs.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reflects on the one0year anniversary of the CHOP.

Crosscut reports that City Council members are worried that they are losing momentum on cutting SPD’s budget.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog brings us an update on the Sawant recall effort.

The Urbanist looks at the construction boom in the Northgate area.

MyNorthwest reports that the ACLU has come out in opposition to the “Compassion Seattle” charter amendment.

India’s The Wire has an interview with Councilmember Sawant.

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