Monday news roundup

That “super-soaker” turned out to be kind of a refreshing break — and I suspect our gardens and reservoirs appreciated it.

Here’s the Monday news.

The Seattle Times, KOMO, and KING report that an off-duty SPD officer was killed yesterday while attempting to render assistance to a collision on I-5.

Crosscut looks at how Seattle’s Native American community organizations are providing homeless services, and the issues they had with the city’s proposed new contracts.

KING reports that the Lumen Field vaccinate site has closed its doors.

The Seattle Times does a deep dive on the cost of living in Seattle.

The Seattle Medium reports that the city is giving away 2,000 ORCA cards to support COVID recovery.

The Urbanist covers the still-unfinished Rainier Avenue Greenway, and WSDOT’s role in why it’s not done yet.

The Seattle Times (here and here) brings us election coverage.

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