Friday news roundup

SPD officers are in the news again, and not for good reasons.

Also, billboards.

The Seattle Times, Crosscut, PubliCola, the AP, KOMO, KING, KIRO, The Stranger, and Patch all cover yesterday’s investigation report from the Office of Police Accountability on six SPD officers who were in D.C. on January 6th.

The Seattle Times reports on a separate OPA report into SPD officer overtime.

KING discusses a new billboard in Seattle requesting the Mayor and City Council to take down a Seattle City Light dam on the Skagit River.

The Seattle Times discusses a famous old billboard from 1971, and compares the “Boeing Bust” recovery with what Seattle is going through today.

The Washington Post has an interview with Mayor Durkan.

Seattle Bike Blog reports that the Georgetown-South Park Trail has reached its next design milestone and is on schedule to open in 2023.

GeekWire reports that the city is adding a fourth scooter-share vendor.

Crosscut argues that part of the solution for beating the heat in Seattle is lidding I-5.

The Seattle Times (here and here), Crosscut, and PubliCola (here and here) bring us election news.

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