Friday news roundup

We made it to Friday!  Just in time to catch some of the Olympics competitions this weekend…

… but first, here’s the news.

The Seattle Times covers yesterday’s release of the OIG’s Sentinel Event Review “wave one” report on last summer’s protests.

The Urbanist reports that Metro is poised to restore more bus service.

The Seattle Times discusses a lawsuit filed by seven black women alleging discrimination at the Parks Department.

The Urbanist looks at the impact of extending the Green River Trail to South Park.

The Seattle Times reports that WSDOT has removed a homeless encampment suspected to be the source of rocks thrown at vehicles on I-90.

The Seattle Medium reports that the City of Seattle will be investing $2 million in the King County Regional Peacekeepers Initiative.

Post Alley compares Seattle’s post-COVID revival to that of Paris.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog (here and here) brings us election coverage.

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