This week in Council Chambers: August 2-6, 2021

With the August recess looming, the Council is busy cranking through bills.

Also, remember to vote!

Monday morning’s Council Briefing has no special presentations or executive sessions scheduled.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting is scheduled to include final votes on:

  • certification of CA29, the “Compassion Seattle” charter amendment, for the November ballot;
  • an update to the tree protection rules form the Yesler Terrace housing development;
  • the 2022 Comprehensive Plan update docketing resolution;
  • approval of an update to the city’s All-Hazards Mitigation Plan;
  • an ordinance establishing a special fund so that private citizens may contribute in support of the city’s homeless response efforts.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new bills:

  • the 2021 Citywide Position List;
  • the previously-mentioned resolution certifying the Compassion Seattle charter amendment for the November ballot;
  • an ordinance authorizing a $205 million interfund loan to cover short-term cash-flow issues until the payroll tax revenues start rolling in next January;
  • The “Seattle Rescue Plan 2” budget ordinance;
  • a bill amending zoning (specifically parking requirements) for indoor sports facilities in the Ballard-Interbay industrial area that are not expected to attract large crowds of spectators;
  • an ordinance transferring the city’s parking enforcement officer unit from SPD to the new Community Safety and Communications Center;
  • an ordinance naming the pedestrian/bike bridge over I-5 in Northgate the “John Lewis Memorial Bridge”;
  • an ordinance authorizing Seattle City Light to accept certain properties as part of its salmon protection efforts.

Tuesday morning, the Finance and Housing Committee meets, in what looks to be a long meeting. On the agenda:

  • A letter in response to recommendations from the Domestic Worker Standards Board;
  • an ordinance lifting the proviso on the Equitable Communities Initiative $30 million funding;
  • the previously mentioned “Seattle Rescue Plan 2” budget appropriations bill;
  • an ordinance authorizing an $205 million interfund loan to cover general fund short-term cash flow issues until payroll tax revenues are collected in January;
  • a briefing and discussion on the Q2 Grant Acceptance Ordinance;
  • a briefing and discussion on the Q2 Supplemental Budget Ordinance;
  • a report on the 2020 Multifamily Tax Exemption program.

Tuesday afternoon the Public Assets and Native Communities Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been published.

Wednesday morning the Transportation and Utilities Committee meets. On the agenda:

  • the previously-mentioned ordinance to name the John Lewis Memorial Bridge;
  • Three bills related to Swedish hospital: a permit for a pedestrian tunnel, a permit for a skybridge, and an alley vacation.
  • Two bills (here and here) related to Amazon development projects: two alley vacations with corresponding property use and development agreements;
  • the bill authorizing Seattle City Light to acquire properties as part of its salmon habitat protection program;
  • an ordinance granting Alexandria Real Estate (the company buying the Mercer Megablock) easements to install a system to harvest energy from wastewater in South Lake Union;
  • a street vacation request from Seattle City Light for a portion of Diagonal Avenue South.

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