Appeals court denies motion to revive Compassion Seattle charter amendment

In a terse ruling today, the state Court of Appeals has denied Compassion Seattle’s motion for a stay on a lower court’s ruling removing the CA29 charter amendment from the November ballot.

The campaign filed their motion on Tuesday, in a surprise reversal of their earlier statement that they would not seek to appeal. The Court quickly accepted the case; the plaintiffs submitted their response yesterday at noon, and the campaign filed its reply at 9am this morning. It was expected that the Court would hand down its ruling some time today in order to allow King County Elections to meet its mandated timeline for printing and mailing out ballots.

The Court’s ruling this afternoon provides no explanation for its decision, simply saying, “We have considered Compassion Seattleā€™s motion and have determined that it should be denied.”

The clock has effectively run out for further appeals (even assuming that the state Supreme Court would take the case, hardly a sure thing), so at this point CA29 is dead.

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  1. It’s too bad – several homeless outreach groups did support this idea – we have to do something different – I hope we choose a mayor that will take this approach.

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