Wednesday news roundup

Start practicing the phrase “baroclinic leaf.”

Here’s the news.

KING, KIRO, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, PubliCola and The Stranger cover the Mayor’s proposed 2022 budget.

KING, Seattle PI, Tacoma News-Tribune, Patch, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog continue coverage of new rental regulations passed by the City Council this week.

The Seattle Times looks at what the new U District light rail station means for the surrounding neighborhood, and The Urbanist does the same for the Roosevelt station.

PubliCola reports on an update to an ordinance granting religious organizations more ability to build affordable housing on property they own.

KING reports that a local tribe is demanding that the City of Seattle stop using the image of Chief Sealth on the city’s official seal if it doesn’t address the issues with salmon runs that the city’s Skagit River dams are causing.

West Seattle Blog brings us the latest on the West Seattle Bridge repairs.

The South Seattle Emerald discusses the unease around the Mayor’s appointment of an interim Director of the Officer of Arts and Culture.

The Seattle Times and West Seattle Blog bring us election news.

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