Friday news roundup

Sawant is officially getting a recall election, and more.

KING, KOMO, KIRO, AP, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and Patch report that King County Elections has certified the recall petition against Councilmember Sawant and scheduled the election for December 7.

Crosscut, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, and The Urbanist look at the grand opening of three new light rail stations tomorrow.

KING and PubliCola cover the Council’s first discussions of the Mayor’s proposed 2022 budget.

Northwest Asian Weekly looks at the most recent rental regulations passed by the City Council.

The Urbanist brings us the latest on the West Seattle Bridge repair.

Northwest Asian Weekly reports on a round of “social justice mini-grants” made available by the Department of Education and Early Learning.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports on the groundbreaking of the RapidRide G line along Madison.

The Stranger discusses the carpenters’ strike, and Councilmember Sawant’s ongoing involvement.

The Seattle Times, West Seattle Blog (here and here), and Post Alley (here and here) bring us election news.

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