New page for following the 2022 Budget

If you’re following along with the 2022 budget process, here’s a web page you’ll want to bookmark: SCC Insight’s new “all things budget” page. There you will find the most recent documents and presentations, as well as links to news articles about the budget process as it unfolds.

Also, in case you haven’t heard, SCC Insight has teamed up with Omari Salisbury at Converge Media to bring you even more in-depth information and discussion on the 2022 budget. Check out the six “Budget School” episodes teaching you about how the budget works, as well as the most recent episode on the Mayor’s rollout of her proposed 2022 budget. In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you play-by-play coverage through each stage of the Council’s deliberations, all the way through their final vote.

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  1. Kevin, considering that all/most homelessness-oriented programs will presumably shift to the Regional Authority as of January 1, does that mean that the Regional Authority will be held to whatever the Council funds/enacts in the budget season?

    1. The council will approve the money to be transferred to the rha. The interlocal agreement specifies a minimum payment; the mayor has proposed a larger amount. The ila also specifies how services are negotiated between the rha and the city.

  2. Thanks, Kevin. Is the Interlocal Agreement open to the public so we can see how those services are negotiated?

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