This week in Council Chambers: November 1-5, 2021

All the action is on Monday: no other meetings this week as Budget Chair Mosqueda works to assemble her budget balancing package.

Monday morning’s weekly Council Briefing has no special presentations or executive sessions.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting could be short: the agenda only contains five appointments to the Board of Parks and Recreations Commissioners. On the other hand, it might be long, as the Council may decide to take up Mayor Durkan’s emergency order last Friday authorizing SPD to offer hiring bonuses — something which several Councilmembers oppose. The Council may confirm, modify, reject, or take no action on the Emergency Order.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new bills:

  • An ordinance authorizing the city to sign another lease extension with the Army for the Fort Lawton property while a legal challenge to the redevelopment plan continues to drag through the courts;
  • An ordinance extending for another six months a moratorium on redevelopment of two mobile home parks in North Seattle;
  • a bill requiring employers to provide parking or compensation for parking expenses to construction workers in Seattle;
  • more official 2022 budget legislation.

Monday morning, the Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee will briefly meet to consider a pending contract rezone.

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  1. If the SCC modifes or rejects the mayors order does she have any recourse or would that be the final word?

    1. She could rescind her order and issue a new one, but the process would just repeat itself. This is a case where the Council gets to veto the Mayor.

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