Friday news roundup

Congratulations to Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell on his election win, and thanks to Council President Gonzalez for her service to the city over the past six years.

We begin with the end-of-week election coverage, dominated of course by Gonzalez’s concession last night in the race for Seattle Mayor:

KING and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog cover the new wrongful-death lawsuit filed against the city over a murder in the CHOP in the summer of 2020.

The Seattle Medium reports that Mayor Durkan’s emergency order authorizing hiring bonuses has immediately led to an almost tenfold increase in applications for 911 dispatcher positions.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at a budget proposal for increased mental health crisis services in Seattle.

PubliCola reports that SPD Chief Diaz still has reservations about restrictions on SPD’s use of so-called “less lethal” weapons at protests.

The Seattle Times looks at former SPD Chief Carmen Best’s new book.

The Stranger takes a bus ride with Councilmember Morales.

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