Monday election update: it’s over

With this afternoon’s drop of updated election results from King County Elections, the results of all four Seattle city-wide races are definitive: the winners are Bruce Harrell, Ann Davison, Teresa Mosqueda and Sara Nelson.

The leads that all four maintain are now greater than the number of ballots remaining to be counted (about 6,800).

Today’s batch of counted ballots moved slightly back to the right of Friday’s, but well within the expected variance of election-day ballots.

Side note: Teresa Mosqueda’s share of the votes still looks to be end up almost exactly the same as in the August primary: about 59.3%. Four years ago in the 2017 general election, when Mosqueda was running against a candidate to her left (Jon Grant), she got 59.49% of the vote. Her race against Ken Wilson also has the highest number of ballots in this election with no vote: 15,567, or 5.9% of the total ballots. However, that figure is smaller than November 2017, when there were 21,075 ballots with no vote for the City Council position.

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