Notes from today’s council meetings

The Councilmembers picked up the pace today, and speedily cranked through their agendas.

This afternoon the Council approved what will hopefully be the final six-month extension of a moratorium on redeveloping the city’s two mobile home parks. Councilmember Strauss assured his colleagues that the legislation imposing an overlay district is ready to go will be wrapped up in early 2022; it’s being heard in Strauss’s committee later this week.

The council also approved changes to Seattle City Light’s rate stabilization account, intended to reduce the occasions in which the utility must add a surcharge to our electricity bills.

Councilmember Juarez announced the agenda for her committee meeting tomorrow afternoon. There will be three items on the agenda:

  • the renewal of the management agreement for the Woodland Park Zoo;
  • a resolution authorizing the Parks Department to work with the state Recreation and Conservation Office on grants for city projects;
  • a bill creating an Indigenous Advisory Council.

Councilmember Herbold said that her committee meeting on Thursday will also have three items on the agenda:

  • a presentation from the Human Services Department on efforts to strengthen its financial reporting and internal accounting practices;
  • a resolution stating the Council’s intent to finally get serious about addressing buildings with unreinforced masonry;
  • a bill imposing new data-reporting requirements on the City Attorney’s Office.

Councilmember Juarez made three announcements on behalf of Seattle Public Libraries this morning:

  • As of today, 20 of the library branches will resume pre-pandemic service levels.
  • The libraries is re-introducing “reserve a computer” service.
  • Starting January 1, the libraries will retire their free printing/copying service.

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