Announcing: Seattle Paper Trail

After running quiet for a couple of weeks to works out all the kinks, I’m announcing today a new site: Seattle Paper Trail.

Seattle Paper Trail is a feed of “the stuff you should be reading” to be an informed Seattle resident. It focuses on primary documents, with a very light touch of introduction, context-setting and analysis. Unlike SCC Insight, there will rarely be long-form journalism at Seattle Paper Trail; the aim is to disseminate original primary documents so you can read them yourself, rather than have you read someone else’s interpretation of them.

For those of you who are wondering, Seattle Paper Trail is not my new full-time gig; it’s a small spin-off of SCC Insight intended to take up a fraction of my time. I have other new projects I’m still working to develop and hope to share with you in the months to come. But it took me years to figure out where to source primary documents and I continue to collect and read them in my own efforts to stay informed, so I am setting up Seattle Paper Trail as a way to share that knowledge and effort more broadly.

You can follow Seattle Paper Trail on the web site, via RSS, or on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy reading.

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