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Kevin Schofield is a freelance writer and the founder of Seattle City Council Insight, a web site providing independent news and analysis of the Seattle City Council. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he worked for Microsoft Corporation for 26 years. That culminated in a term as Chief Operations Officer for Microsoft Research, the division of the company focused on advancing the state of the art in computing. Upon leaving Microsoft in 2014 he decided to embrace his love of writing. Kevin volunteers at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, where he also serves on the Board of Directors. He is also Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. Beyond writing, his personal passions are his twin daughters, photography, cooking, and playing the guitar. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

This week: moving things forward, and a book

The Council will be pushing forward on a number of fronts this week, including the confirmation hearings for Sam Assefa, the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, the Bicycle Master Plan, and Sound Transit 3.  Also, there’s a book you should read.

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Secure scheduling conversation starts to converge

Tuesday morning the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee continued its series of discussions on secure scheduling with representatives of both employees and employers. There’s plenty of good news: the conversations are getting more productive, and the major policy issues are beginning to converge to specific proposals.

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The Mayor’s plan to get RV’s off the streets is a total bust

Remember back at the beginning of the year when there was all the fuss about homeless people living in RV’s on the streets of Seattle? And the Mayor put forth a plan to create RV “safe lots” to get them off the streets, provide some basic support, and help them plug into the human services system? Well, two weeks ago Scott Lindsay, Special Assistant to the Mayor, admitted to the City Council that the RV safe lot plan is an expensive failure. Oh, and everything else in the Mayor’s plan related to RVs has also failed.

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