Court cases

Here are the high-profile court cases that the City of Seattle is currently involved in.


Uber lawsuits

Uber (Rasier) vs. City of Seattle
  • King County Superior Court case 17-2-00964-4
  • Complaint — Plaintiff’s challenge to city’s rulemaking
  • City’s response
  • Order in favor of city
  • Notice of appeal to Court of Appeals, Division I, case 766783
  • Uber’s brief due October 27
U.S. Chamber of Commerce vs. City of Seattle
Uber drivers vs. City of Seattle


Homeless sweeps

ACLU vs City of Seattle


First in Time Tenants Regulation

Landlords vs City of Seattle
RHA vs City of Seattle
  • King County Superior Court case 17-2-13662-0
  • Complaint
  • City’s motion to reassign case to same judge as landlords case above
  • RHA’s objection to reassigning the case
  • Judge’s order denying reassignment


Initiative 124 — Protections for Hotel Workers

American Hotel and Lodging Association, Seattle Hotel Association and Washington Hospitality Association vs. City of Seattle
  • King County Superior Court case 16-2-30233-5
  • Complaint
  • Motions for summary judgment by plaintiffs and defendant
  • Ruling in favor of City of Seattle (related post)
  • Appeal by plaintiff directly to State Supreme Court, case  947279. Court has not yet decided whether to accept the case.


Democracy Vouchers

Elster vs. City of Seattle


Police Reform: Seattle Police Department Consent Decree

U.S. Department of Justice vs. City of Seattle
  • U.S. District Court case 2:12-cv-1282-JLR
  • DOJ web site for case, including legal filings, police monitor compliance reports, and other documents
  • Complaint
  • Settlement agreement
  • Post on police monitor’s “use of force” report
  • police monitor’s latest compliance report (9-8-2017)
  • Post with latest update on police accountability legislation
  • Post on appeals court ruling approving SPD’s “use of force” policy
  • City’s motion to declare full and effective compliance with consent decree (9-29-17)
  • DOJ’s response to motion to declare full and effective compliance
  • CPC’s response to motion to declare full and effective
  • Oral arguments scheduled for October 20, 2017


Income Tax

Kunath et al vs. City of Seattle


Opioid Epidemic

City of Seattle vs. Purdue Pharma et al


Safe Consumption Sites

Protect Public Health vs Freed et al
  • Complaint
  • King County Superior Court case 17-2-21919-3
  • City of Seattle’s motion to intervene
  • Order granting city’s motion to intervene
  • City’s motion for declaratory judgment
  • Hearing scheduled for October13th


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