Comcast franchise agreement renewal on Thursday

On Thursday at 2:00pm, the Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee will consider renewal of its franchise agreement with Comcast. A summary of the terms of the renewal is here.  The full franchise agreement is here. The franchise agreement allows Comcast to offer “cable services” within the city limits, which for the purposes of this agreement just includes their video content (not Internet access).  That doesn’t mean Comcast is planning to stop offering Internet; it just means that internet access is covered in a separate franchise agreement.

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Morning news roundup

There is still plenty of coverage of last week’s City Council election, particularly of positions 1 and 2 where the race has tightened while ballots continue to be counted. Seattle P-IKIRO 7 , Crosscut, Seattle Globalist, KPLU,

The other big news is yesterday’s votes on housing affordability.  Seattle Times, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, RealEstateRama, The Stranger

Geek Wire has an article about the debate over whether Seattle should spend $5 million to pilot a municipal broadband program. This proposal generated a significant amount of discussion on Oct. 29th during the council’s budget review meetings  (video – jump to 41:50 ).

Roundup of election coverage

As expected, there has been much coverage of the Seattle City council election. Lots of speculation (but little consensus) about what the new look of the City Council will mean for Seattle.  Here are links for your reading pleasure:

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Seattle P-I:  Burgess up, Deborah Juarez and Lorena Gonzalez are new Seattle City Council Members

Seattle Weekly:  So much for the ‘Sawant Majority’: voters favoring the establishment in council races

KING 5: What will Seattle’s new City Council look like?

In These Times:  With Kshama Sawant claiming reelection victory, Seattle doubles down on socialism

Crosscut: On election night, a big win for Seattle normal

The Latin Post:  Lorena Gonzalez elected first Latina official in Seattle City council

Counter Currents:  Kshama Sawant re-elected: Seattle’s political revolution continues

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