New Council committees announced

This afternoon, the City Council published a list of its proposed committee structure, to be approved at the new Council’s first full meeting on Monday.  The committees and their membership give a strong indication of the topics that each Council member will be focused on, as well as who will be the likely power-brokers in a time of great change for the Council.

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The legal challenges related to Initiative 124 aren’t over

Earlier this year, Initiative 124 was working its way through the court system — and losing badly. But over the summer Council member Teresa Mosqueda rewrote it to address its legal shortcomings, successfully shepherded the reworked version through the Council’s legislative process, and got the Council to repeal the original I-124 ordinance.

That solved the problem with the main lawsuit. But there is a second lawsuit that has been in limbo whle the first one played out, and the plaintiffs in that case are forging ahead with their narrower legal challenge.

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