The Socialist Alternative Documents


Here is a collection of internal documents from Socialist Alternative. This is a topical guide, so some documents appear in more than one section. For context, please read this article.

The “Smoking Guns”
  • Letter from Council member Kshama Sawant  acknowledging her “accountability” to Socialist Alternative
  • Resolution approved by the Socialist Alternative National Committee (NC) and the CWI Executive Committee (IEC) stating that staffing decisions in Sawant’s office are to be made by the Socialist Alternative Executive Committee (EC), and confirming that Sawant has been appropriately accountable to the organization.
  • Letter from the EC to the NC confirming that the EC is responsible for making decisions about Council staff and that it decided to fire Whitney Kahn from Sawant’s City Council office.
  • Letter noting that the EC voted to fire Whitney Kahn from Sawant’s City Council office.
  • Letter confirming again that the EC voted to fire Whitney Kahn.
  • Letter from the EC explaining their decision to have Sawant vote “yes” on the confirmation of Carmen Best as Chief of Police.
  • Back-and-forth communications debating the EC decision to vote “yes” on confirmation of Carmen Best
Essays on the U.S. Political Situation, Trump, Sanders, Black Lives Matter, the DSA, and the Democratic Party


Essays and letters on how to structure leadership, decision-making, communications and accountability for Socialist Alternative’s various Seattle-based groups, including Sawant and her Council office


“Minority Group” essays and “Majority” responses


Discussion of the importance of Sawant’s City Council seat to Socialist Alternative, and the high priority of getting her re-elected in 2019
Guides for New Socialist Alternative Members