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Potholes. They’re everywhere in Seattle this spring. That’s due in large part to the severe winter we had, with lots of rain followed by subfreezing weather. All that water seeps into the roads and then expands as it freezes, cracking the asphalt (or expanding existing cracks). In places with more severe winters this generates “frost heaving.” Here in Seattle, it generates lots of lots of potholes. But now that spring is (apparently) here, SDOT has a plan.

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Seattle’s Winter Weather Preparedness, and What You Should Do

It’s looking increasingly like Seattle will greet the new year with a major cold snap, with highs around freezing and dropping to the low 20’s overnight. But the long-term outlook suggests we might see more of the same before spring arrives.

Before the Council began its holiday recess, it received a briefing from several city departments on their preparations for winter weather as well as the outreach and messages to the city’s residents.

At the end of this post is a list of the best ways to get information and report problems during a severe weather event, as well as information on how you can prepare in advance.

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Bike plan: the bad news isn’t so bad

The last couple of weeks have not been happy for bicycle enthusiasts, since SDOT released a revision of the Seattle Bike Plan that had significant cutbacks for 2016 and beyond. That was interpreted as both a violation of the voters’ faith when they approved the Move Seattle levy last year, and a failure to deliver on the conditions that the City Council wrote into their approval of the Pronto buyout earlier this year. The bicycle community has been up in arms about it. But yesterday afternoon, representatives from SDOT appeared in front of the City Council’s Sustainability and Transportation Committee to try to explain their reasons.

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