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Key Arena MOU published

Buried in all of today’s chaos over the Mayor’s resignation was the release of the draft MOU between the city and Oak View Group for the redevelopment and operation of Key Arena. It was supposed to be announced at a joint press conference this morning, but that event was hastily cancelled after the news broke about the Mayor’s latest accuser. Nevertheless, the MOU was indeed published and sent to the Council for deliberations and approval.

Here’s what it says.

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Understanding the Key Arena RFP

This morning, as promised, the City announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) for redevelopment of Key Arena at Seattle Center.

There have been reports that the city has found more than one organization interested in at least discussing renovating the Key Arena as an alternative to Chris Hansen’s plan to build a new arena in the SODO district. This is an attempt by the Mayor to actively and formally explore that option. The RFP asks for proposals to redevelop it into a “world-class civic arena” for music, entertainment and sports events, including possibly an NHL or NBA franchise.

Let’s dig into the details or what the city is looking for — and what constraints they are placing on the project.

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