Morning news: Herbold wins, Comcast on hold

Two stories dominate the morning news: Lisa Herbold officially won the District 1 race, and the Comcast franchise agreement renewal machinations. Several outlets are covering the completion of the recount in the District 1 council race, confirming that Lisa Herbold won. The Stranger, West Seattle Blog, KING 5, West Seattle Herald.

Yesterday as reported here, the City Council delayed its final vote on the Comcast franchise agreement renewal so that some extra concessions that were negotiated over the weekend by Mayor Ed Murray and Council member Bruce Harrell could be fully integrated into the agreement.  Additional coverage from Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, Seattle Times, CBS Philly, KIRO TV. reports on the new program to give free bus passes to students. iSchoolGuide also covers the news.

The Stranger has an opinion piece complaining that the City Council is good a passing non-binding affirmations of its support for closing the gender wage gap, but is lacking in substantive policies to close that gap.

Crosscut wonders whether 2015 is really the “year of the urbanist.”

KUOW reports on the upcoming Council vote on allowing Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize.

I reported here about yesterday’s briefing on the SR99 tunnel. also covers that briefing, as does Seattlish.