News roundup: Amazon, Comcast, more

This morning’s news covers Amazon, Comcast, the NHL, police reform, gun safety, and the Seattle P-I globe.  Crosscut has a look at Chicago’s current calls for police reform, and compares it to how a similar situation has played out in Seattle over the last few years.

Amazon’s request for an alley vacation in order to build a new office tower, an its discussion in the Transportation committee this week, is getting coverage. KIRO 7 and KING 5 both report.

Crosscut and FierceCable both cover the ongoing negotiations with Comcast over the renewal of their franchise agreement.

KOMO covers the proposal to put additional historical landmark protections on the Seattle P-I globe.

Huffington Post has a profile of Council member Sawant, reflecting on her first term.

TSN reports on the efforts to draw an NHL franchise to Seattle and the ties to the SODO Arena proposal.

Crosscut has an op-ed piece arguing that Seattle’s political leaders should be pressing the gun industry to take action on gun safety.