This week at the City Council: that’s a wrap

Apart from the marathon City Council meeting tomorrow, this week will be pretty quiet in the Council Chamber as the Council wraps things up for the year (and the term).   I wrote separately on the full Council meeting scheduled for tomorrow. Make sure you take a potty break before you show up, ‘cuz it’s going to be a bladder buster.

On Tuesday the Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries and Gender Pay Equity Committee meets. Pretty mundane stuff: appointments, an audit report of the Parks Department’s handling of leased facilities on park property (though they do have some critiques), and a proposal to outsource fundraising, events, marketing, volunteer coordination, and membership activities to the Arboretum Foundation.

Tuesday the Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee discusses, and potentially votes on, revisions to the marijuana zoning rules. At their last meeting they held a public comment session, at which many issues were raised.

Wednesday the Transportation Committee is holding a “lunch and learn” session. The agenda has not been published yet.  UPDATE:  it will be a presentation from the Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Association on lidding I-5.

Also Wednesday the Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee meets; they also have not yet published their agenda.

Thursday, the Housing Affordability, Human Services and Economic Resiliency Committee meets. Expect their agenda to be published on Tuesday.

Unless an emergency happens, those should be the last Council meetings for the year, as they go into recess for the December holidays. That also means that anything that passes out of committee this week won’t get addressed until January — and then by the newly-elected City Council.