News roundup: lidding I-5, plus Uber

Yesterday’s Council discussion of lidding I-5 downtown got coverage this morning. Also, the Uber driver unionization story still has legs.  MyNorthwest and KING5 cover yesterday’s “lunch and learn” discussion of options to lid I-5 as part of expanding the Convention Center.

The Council’s decision to allows Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize is still drawing broad coverage. Among them, the Seattle Times has an op-ed arguing that Seattle needs to go slower on the effort to unionize drivers and try to find a middle ground.

In addition, articles are popping up covering specific angles. IdeaStream fact-checks Uber’s claims about the labor laws as applied to contract workers. People’s World writes that the Teamsters want to be the organization representing Uber and Lyft drivers in Seattle. Bloomberg looks at what, if anything, this means for an IPO for Uber. The Sacramento Business Journal reports that the California State Assembly will see legislation introduced in January to allow “gig economy” workers to collectively bargain. NWLaborPress reports that a similar ordinance will be introduced in Portland next year. Seattlish discusses the Mayor’s lack of support.

In other news, a war of words is heating up in anticipation of a hearing tomorrow on Seattle’s recent tax on ammunition. MyNorthwest/KIRO Radio  ran an opinion piece calling out a Seattle Times editorial defending the tax as “dishonest.”