News roundup: housing levy

The big news this morning is Mayor Ed Murray’s proposal to double the housing levy.

Crosscut, The Stranger, Capitol Hill Seattle BlogWest Seattle Blog, RealEstateRama, and Seattle Times all report on the Mayor’s announcement yesterday that he is proposing a doubling of the city’s housing levy to pay for additional low-income housing.

Politico reports that, spurred on by Seattle’s move to allow Uber drivers to unionize, a union in New York has filed the paperwork to represent Uber drivers serving LaGuardia Airport.

Capitol Hill Times reports on the Council’s deliberations on the Pronto bike-share system.

The C is for Crank covers yesterday’s committee meeting on the MFTE, and the report that it isn’t generating affordable SEDU or 3-bedroom units.

Real Change reports on the increasing scrutiny on how the city is handling unsanctioned homeless encampments, especially in light of recent violence.

Politico analyzes the love-hate relationship between socialist parties in the United States and Bernie Sanders.

Seattle Times has a guest editorial from Council member Lisa Herbold about how Seattle residential real estate is becoming the new hot investment, and the pressure that puts on affordable housing.

Seattlish argues that “secure scheduling ” is the next big labor fight.

The Stranger discusses three things the city is doing about homelessness.