This week: they’re back!

The City Council returns from its two-week recess on Tuesday.

Because of the Labor Day holiday, Monday’s usual meetings are on Tuesday.  The Tuesday morning Council Briefing doesn’t have any special presentations, but will have a closed “executive session” to discuss legal matters.

Tuesday afternoon the Full Council meeting agenda has a long list of routine, fairly uncontroversial items.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar is also lengthy — it has 55 items. They include:

  • Resolutions supporting three fall ballot measures: Initiatives 1491 and 1433, and Sound Transit Proposition 1;
  • 19 appointments, including Mami Hara as the new Director of Seattle Public Utilities;
  • A resolution from the Mayor’s Office asking the Council to approve an operation plan to clean out the rest of the “Jungle” unsanctioned homeless encampment under I-5;
  • Nine bills collectively updating the Seattle Building Code.
  • A Citywide Position List, required by law, that is interesting in its accounting for the people hired into each city department.

Of note: the bill proposed by homeless advocates to restrict unsanctioned encampment “sweeps” is not on the IRC. IT’s entirely possible that a Council member may “walk it on” to the IRC on Tuesday, but given that it’s been kicking around for a couple of weeks now, that’s not terribly likely.

Wednesday morning, the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods and Finance Committee meets. On its agenda are a bill creating a new Ballard Parking and Business Improvement Area, and another making some changes to the West Seattle Parking and Business Improvement Area. There will be public comment sessions for both bills during the meeting. The committee will also hear a presentation from the Office of Housing on its Anti-Displacement and Preservation Toolkit.

Wednesday at noon, the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee meets to discuss the pending Secure Scheduling ordinance. The Council members will discuss several potential amendments; they expect that at the next committee meeting they will vote on amendments and to send the amended version on to the full Council for final approval.

Wednesday afternoon’s Education, Equity and Governance Committee meeting has been cancelled.

Thursday afternoon, the Human Services and Public Health Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not been published yet, but it’s expected that the committee will discuss the aforementioned resolution on cleaning up the “Jungle” homeless encampments. We may also hear the final report of consultant Barb Poppe with her recommendations on the city’s response to the homeless crisis.

Friday morning, the Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee meets, and Friday afternoon the Sustainability and Transportation Committee meets. Neither agenda has been published yet, but has several items on this week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar that will likely be considered.