News roundup: op-ed Monday

Opinion pieces in the media this morning.

The Stranger has an op-ed on the move-in fee cap legislation up for vote this afternoon.

The Urbanist has an op-ed on homeless encampments.  SeattleMet also reports on last Friday’s meeting.

Erica Barnett takes a critical look at rapid-rehousing programs.

Medium takes a look at the recently-passed “first in line tenant” ordinance.

MarketWatch reports on government officials asking the FTC to collect more information on AirBnB.

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  1. Hopefully not just AirBnb. AirBnb includes true home ‘sharing’, along with short term rental of housing with no operator resident. The others, like Homeaway/VBRO ONLY allow full units. Irony is that AirBnb is more willing to participate, and the others are laying low. But, we need all the data in order to understand the real situation.

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