This week: more budget!

I hope you like budget discussions… and more budget discussions…

Monday morning at the Council Briefing, the Council will hear a presentation from the Office of Emergency Management on the city’s disaster recovery framework.

Monday afternoon will likely be the shortest Full Council meeting in months. There is only one substantial agenda item: an appointment to the Labor Standards Advisory Commission which should be handled quickly.

The Introduction and Referral Calendar likewise is mercifully short this week: it also only has the single appointment.  Since committees are not meeting this month, the appointment will be reviewed at the Council Briefing tomorrow morning so it can be approved in the afternoon.

Monday morning and afternoon, the Budget Committee will meet to continue its discussion of changes to the Mayor’s proposed budget. Monday’s meetings will be a catch-all for all the city departments not covered last week, and for all of the Council members’ remaining proposals. This is when Council member Sawant will put forth her proposal to strip the remaining funding for a North Precinct police station and spend $160 million to build 1000 units of affordable housing.

Tuesday evening at 5:30pm, the Budget Committee will hold its second public hearing on the budget.

There are no other meetings scheduled this week, as the Council members discuss their proposals behind closed doors and Budget chair Tim Burgess begins to compile his “initial balancing package” of budget changes that have consensus support.


  1. Thank you for all you are doing to help make the process more transparent!! This post in particular is so much more engaging and easier than working through the Council calendar on the city website.

    I’m learning a lot when I have a chance to pick up the budget meetings online, and from your reports.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I should have another budget post tonight or tomorrow evening. It’s take a while to slog through all the discussion meetings.

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